Let's Get Burnin!

By www.CooNs.com


You need PS2Reality First off

Open PS2Reality and Drag your Movie File In it

Drag These Files In this Order
Now Open Nero And Close the Wizard
Now For You Stupid people, Make Sure You Click on All Files!!
See The Pic.. It's not that Hard...
Now You Have to Remember Where You Saved Your Bin File
You Will Also have a cue File in the Same Folder
Choose The Cue File not The Bin
Once Again For You Stupid people Look @ the Pic
Now Choose 8x Speed if You Have it...
The Slower you Go The better you cd is Gonna be..
NOTE: I have Burned My movie @ 12 time and they did Work
But I did have a Problem With One Movie So I burned it Again @ 8x
the 8x one I burned Played Fine...

Make Note That if You can't Play Back up Games On your PS2
Like a Burnt Game on a CDR, then ur Gay!!! and this Won't Work For you!
Go Buy a Mod Chip!!!! I Bought One 3 days after I have My PS2
Gee Let me Think 50 bucks a game or 50 bucks for the Best Mod Chip
and Then I can Also Play Divx movies....
As Far as the Swap this Butterknife trick stick and Wiggle
boot disk swap'O'Rama Shit... i don't Know about Booting it Like that
And if Your to Cheap to Pay 40 to 50 Bucks for the Best Chip on the market
and You wanna Waist your Time With all that Sticking ButterKnifes
In your PS2 and Swaping disc all the Time.... Lmfao all I can Say is

Good Luck!

Some Things I have Found out...

Sometimes the Movie Will lock Up
Why You Might Ask? Fucked If I know....
I never made it.. and It's only a Beta 1.0...
But it does work Pretty Damn Good...
I have Burn over 20 movies And they all Work...
Somtimes it Just Locks up....

Now you wanna Know What kinda .avi Files It Will Play?

Fucked If I Know....
All the Forms and the Site Said Divx 3 upto Divx 5 .avi's
I don't Burn Shitty Mpg or Asf Files...
Why Would You want To Watch Shitty Encoded Files anyways

Can I Burn The Player Without a Movie File?

Yes You Can.. Burn it Like i showed You But Don't Put a Movie File In..
AllTho you can Burn it Like that.. I never Could Play a Movie after Booting the Player
The Only Way it would Play my Movies Was By Burning the play and Movie On the Same Disc...
If You wanna Just See if this player Will Work on you Ps2
Just Burn the Player... if You Don't Want to Wait for a Large Movie File